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What is your Bliss?

I came across these quotes today by Joseph Campbell and it really stopped me dead in my tracks. Made me sit down and think about what truly makes me happy. Blissful. Not just content but on a natural high. In life we tend to go with the motions. Things are comfortable and safe and we […]

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Arizona Showiteer Shootout

Showiteers.  I can never talk about this group enough.  I hate to brag but I am.  I love them to death.  When I first discovered Showit 2 years ago, I never dreamed of a photography community as amazing as this.  I just thought I was getting an awesome website that allowed me total freedom and […]

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Recap of 2011

Wow. What a crazy year that was!!!  So much happened and so many amazing moments were captured!!!  I wish I could share each and every single image with you all from every single session but my blog post would be 3 pages long!! So I just picked the ones that have spoken to me over […]

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