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Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 2.20.14 PMHi! I’m Denise Nicole, a Phoenix wedding and boudoir photographer. When I’m not hiding behind my camera you will find me cuddled up on a couch reading a book or  two.  I’m a sucker for romance. I have two amazing children who keep me on my  toes, a Siberian Husky that is super spoiled and an amazing man that believes in my  dreams and pushes me to my limits. I’m not the best of cooks but I sure can make  some amazing green chili chicken enchiladas. Chai tea is something I have to wake  up to each morning to get me started for the day.  I love shopping. And have shoes  stacked up in my closet.

I find inspiration on Pinterest and am sorta addicted to  facebook.  Ok A LOT. I love the smell of rain.  My favorite date night is one that  consists of dinner and a movie.  Im a cuddler.  I laugh way too loud and way too  often.  Im a glass is half full kinda person and I never take life for granted.  I love  hanging out with my girlfriends and grabbing a glass of cabernet is a MUST with  them.

My mother has taught me how to be a strong woman and how to trust with  every inch of my soul.  Im a fighter.  A dreamer. A believer.  And I will fail many  times before I succeed.

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